The best alternative to a master’s degree in the UK today

Tim Price, Fund Manager at Price Value Partners & Author of Investing THROUGH THE LOOKING glass’

I learned more in my first 3 days with GCA than in 3 months on my master’s at University.

Keturah, Former Master Student


Industry Professionals with Decades of Experience.

Founded by former Goldman Sachs Executive Director, Christopher Clarke, Global Career Accelerators are a team of former and current high level industry operatives, Government personnel and those with a background in academia. We are also partnered with a wide range of industry firms to deliver cutting edge real-world experiential learning and skills training where you also get real- world industry experience.

What is the Alternative to a Master’s Programme?

A ”Flight Simulator” for Finance, Business and Beyond.

The Alternative to a Master’s Programme, which can be taken full or part time, is designed by industry professionals for you to gain the skills and experience you need for the career you want. Think of our programme within an Accelerator as an effective job in an organisation. You will learn real skills, gain real experience, and enhance your knowledge “whilst doing” the actual job. Check out the areas you can specialise in below.

An Overview of your 12 months Programme.

YOUR LAST 3 MonthS will be an internship.

  • Month 1-3 (3 months)

    Core Modules

    Once you have been accepted onto the programme following a successful interview, you will rotate through the different specialisations such as portfolio management, decentralised finance, risk management and risk analytics, trading in global financial markets – and here you will get a practical and hands-on understanding of all the different areas you could potentially specialise in.

    Without a top down view of the global financial industry – how it fits together and how things are rapidly changing – you will not get the benefit of understanding where career opportunities are likely to be found and what skills you need to get those jobs. That is why the first three months are essential in creating a foundation of understanding across the industry roles, prior to focusing on your chosen specialisation.

  • Month 4-9 (6 months)


    From month four through to month nine (six months) you may choose to work in a given department/specialisation (see below for all areas you can specialise in) , where you will fully hone your skills in that area. If you are still undecided on your exact area of specialisation you can chose to spend this 6 month period rotating through two or three areas, still maintaining a high calibre of knowledge, training and experience.

  • Month 10-12 (3 months)

    Paid Internship instead of Dissertation

    The last three months of your programme will be spent working in a paid industry internship. We work with a large number of industry partners who provide our participants with paid internship work where you will work on real-world projects.

We offer support for professional exams, such as the IMC exams, included in your programme.

specialist modules (we also call them departments).



INVESTMENT management & trading






Am I Suitable for the Programme?

Highly Motivated

Our programme is suitable for highly motivated students looking for high achieving careers In the global financial industry. Thus, motivation and ambition are the main attributes, allied to a mindset that realises that achievement is always related to hard work, dedication and the willingness to “go the extra mile” where necessary.

What are the Entry Requirements?


The essential requirement is a burning desire to succeed and an understanding that your success is dependent on your commitment and a willingness to “go the extra mile”. Email us with a covering letter and your current CV to one of these email addresses: enquiries@gca-now.com; veronica.ursu@gca-now.com

What are the Fees?


The fees for our 12-month programme are £17,500 +VAT. We do have instalment plans available and we do not lock you in with 12 months contract. To know more about our instalment plans please get in touch, we would love to speak to you.

Refund Policy.


Customer first. We always encourage and listen to our customer’s feedback and we ensure, through a rigorous industry-standard weekly progress-review, that you are getting what you need. To know more about our money-back policy please get in touch.


Let’s Connect.

  • Book a call and tell us what your goals are and we will tell you what your programme will be!
  • Email us your CV with a covering letter.
  • We will then arrange a quick Interview by zoom with you and that’s It.