Decentralised Finance, Blockchain, Crypto

Think of each department as a “module”. Each department is where you will work and learn by doing with hands on experience across a range of simulated and real-World activity.

Chris Clarke, CEO & Founder

Decentralised Finance, Blockchain and Crypto Currencies

A huge and growing industry covering everything from blockchain, decentralised exchanges, tokenisation, ICO’s, IDO’s and NFT’s. You will work on projects and gain real world experience of dealing in the DEFI space. Our strong recommendation is that the best way to fully understand blockchain – is to build something using blockchain!

This area will require a fairly good understanding of coding and programming – but for those with little or no experience here we will offer training in relevant languages.

For the first 3 months you can rotate through each department and for the next 6 months you can choose a specific department to work in and truly hone your skills and experience.


  • Decentralised application –(DAPP) fundamentals – building DAPP’s, types of DAPP’s, coding, Ethereum powered coding (Solidity) for DAPPS.
  • Consider and set up your Ethereum local development environment / frameworks and pre-made stacks.
  • Undertake basic mining exercises – understand mining.
  • Buy and sell some NFT’s (funded by GCA) – understand trading in all forms of digital assets
  • Build an application that may enhance your edge in trading crypto currencies – data scraping and database building.
  • Design an arbitrage system for working across multiple exchanges in Crypto.
  • Assess the risks associated with compliance and regulation in the world of decentralisation – write reports on this.
  • Work on presentations to industry that explain decentralised finance and train them on what they need to know.


  • A full understanding of the whole industry of crypto currencies, blockchain, decentralised finance and peripheral areas.
  • Understanding all the basics from mining, proof of work, proof of stake, consensus, wallets, what is blockchain (cryptography, Hashing Algo’s), ICO’s, IDO’s, Dex’s, language essentials – Java through to Solidity.
  • To gain real hands-on experience of working in various areas of blockchain from mining, through to DAPP development.
  • To understand the limitations and risks of blockchain and decentralised finance – to work hard on eliminating a lot of the naivety that exists in this area.
  • To understand what careers exist in this area and where to find available opportunities (seldom in the regular places) and to get some of the knowledge, skills and experience you will need.
  • To prepare you for a career in decentralised finance and tomorrow’s technologies and at the very least make you fully aware of just how rapid changes are in industry at present.
  • Open a wallet = own some crypto – hot and cold storage and what to know!
  • Build a business plan for your own decentralised application.
  • Work with us to build our own decentralised applications.

In business and management learn to keep control of your emotions and try to be balanced and reasonable at all times – the people you deal with may be under pressures that you are unaware of – angry outbursts may be forgiven but rarely forgotten! 

Keith Clarke, Director and Compliance Officer