Think of each department as a “module”. Each department is where you will work and learn by doing with hands on experience across a range of simulated and real-World activity.

Chris Clarke, CEO & Founder


Financial technology – fintech – continues to dominate the Global financial services and markets landscape, and the growth of the fintech industry has been exponential for several years now.  Fintech is now seen by many as an area of great job creation and GCA provides a fantastic opportunity for people, not only to learn and expand their skillset but also to work on one of several live industry projects. GCA provides the  chance for participants to be involved in tasks that are increasingly relevant to real world situations; from application development to cloud engineering to data engineering solutions – and all CV enhancing!

For the first 3 months you can rotate through each department and for the next 6 months you can choose a specific department to work in and truly hone your skills and experience.


  • Ensure coding and programming languages and skills/ experience are where they need to be to pursue a career in the fintech industry – ability to learn, develop and refine Java, Python, C#/C++, etc and apply them.
  • To have a greatly enhanced FinTech industry network and close association with direct and indirect employment opportunities in this industry through our industry partners. Also to have a clear idea of where the career opportunities lay in this industry and how to go about getting the job you want.
  • To gain experience of working on fintech projects for industry – everything from application development to other data solutions and cloud based solutions.
  • To be able to demonstrate working on a fintech project with project management skills and understanding of beginning to end requirements.
  • To ensure understanding and experience of working on a decentralised application with full understanding of this space.


  • Work in teams and manage workflow as part of broader projects being carried out for industry partners.
  • Develop applications necessary in the ability to run a large scale Global financial services business. Work on application projects associated with flow through trade processing, risk management, accounting and NAV production, asset choice and position management.
  • Work on bespoke data engineering solutions for a hedge fund in the Crypto currency space.
  • Work on bespoke solutions for wealth managers seeking to build large MPS databases.
  • Develop your own application and associated business plan.
  • Assist in building a decentralised application on the Ethereum Blockchain.

”Life is a marathon, not a sprint – life is all about dealing with people and people are all different – never stop learning.”

Keith Clarke, Director and Compliance Officer