Investment Management & Trading

Think of each department as a “module”. Each department is where you will work and learn by doing with hands on experience across a range of simulated and real-World activity.

Chris Clarke, CEO & Founder

Investment/Asset Management and Trading Financial Markets

The team at GCA have over 100 years experience in Global financial markets and our partners include many asset managers and hedge funds. Covering everything from systematic trading to risk parity, value investing and Global macro investing you will learn from World class experienced professionals and you will learn techniques and gain skills and experience – that work.

For the first 3 months you can rotate through each department and for the next 6 months you can choose a specific department to work in and truly hone your skills and experience.


  • Develop a profitable approach to trading in financial markets / managing a portfolio – multi asset class.
  • Understand the different asset classes that can be traded and managed, from futures, to FX to crypto, equities and derivative products.
  • Systematic approaches to trading and investing.
  • Designing, building, testing and running systematic approaches.
  • Understanding risk management in trading and investing.
  • Value Investing and Financial Analysis that counts.
  • Systematic Trend Following.
  • Benchmarking and asset allocation.
  • Portfolio rebalancing – standard and proprietary approaches.
  • Run your system in a simulated fashion using industry standard software and API automated trading or automated / manual investing processes.
  • Multi Strategy / Multi Asset Class approaches – combining strategies.


  • To learn valuable insight and explore all existing instrument classes that are investible and tradeable.
  • To build a winning investment / trading strategy that is well thought-out, designed and live tested.
  • To fully understand all of the pitfalls of designing and testing investment and trading approaches.
  • To have experience in using standard software via accessing venues (exchanges), booking software, risk management software and trade reconciliation software.
  • To fully understand risk management and money management approaches to trading and investing in singular and multi-asset class portfolios.
  • To understand fully the best professional exams to take and the regulatory process for operating as an investment manager and / or even a trader of your own and other people‘s money. The regulatory and compliance angle here is essential for all to understand, often misunderstood and we offer many resources to get a handle on this hugely influential area.

“Never accept second best and never strive to ‘fit in’ – you are unique and there is no one in the world like you so make ‘you’ the best you can be.”

Malak Hamden, Director